The cost of the service

Bottle of water 1.5 liters

1-00 €

Delivery of drinking water in the apartment is in a package which includes 6 bottles, 1.5 liters each

5-00 € per pack

General cleaning-full cycle cleaning with change of linen and towels

50-00 €

Wet cleaning of all surfaces, emptying the trash treatment and disinfection of bathroom

20-00 €

Replacement bath towels

10-00 €

Replacement foot pad

5-00 €

Replace hand towels 5-00 €

5-00 €

Replacement wipes for the face

1-50 €

Replacement Bathrobe

10-00 €

Replacement linen set (4 pillowcases, sheet, duvet cover)

30-00 €

Replacement of bedding (mattress, blanket, 4 pillows, blanket)

70-00 €

Ordering flowers (shipping + cost of the bouquet)

10-00 €

The decoration of the apartment with balloons (shipping + cost of balls)

10-00 €

Ordering the shoot. Complementary, you pay the photographer


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